Why I Wear a Green Lantern Ring

A Green Lantern’s ring allows them to construct anything they desire it to – so long as they have the confidence and drive to do so. It is their proven ideals and virtues that compel me and allow these heroes to control one of the most powerful forces in the universe:


A Green Lantern’s courage and commitment to take action and affect change, their willingness to make sacrifices for the good of others, their strength of character to reject all ills, are perhaps the most admirable of traits one can imagine. That raw power and discipline to confidently accomplish anything they wish, even in the face of impossible odds…

Or fear.

Fear is the archenemy of a Green Lantern, embodied by villain Sinestro and his Yellow Lantern corps. Fear is the one thing that can get under a GL’s skin; sew the seeds of doubt, undermine their confidence and conviction, and leave them vulnerable and powerless to act.

In the same way I encounter fear as the ultimate villain in my life. Whether in the form of physical fear, emotional self-doubt, or crippling anxiety, I know the full power that fear can infect us with in our daily lives.

However, as with a true Green Lantern, I am discovering that I am capable of harnessing that fear, redirecting it into a greater self-confidence and strength of will both to fight back and to successfully soar even higher.

So, in the words of Mike Vardy, a real-life hero who also wears a ring:

As we celebrate a day where the colour green is pretty much everywhere, use that to steel yourself against fear. Every bit of green you see today should stand as a reminder of where you want to go – without fear.

Each of us has the power to be a superhero – if we can only show the will to act and the courage to follow through in the face of our fears.

Point of Diminishing Returns (PDR)

There is a point at which you must stop in your tracks. Where you must take stock of the situation you are in. To review your goals and just how things are progressing (or not) towards them. In reality these points are actually a habitual stream of points, but any journey begins with focusing on that first step…

A Point of Diminishing Returns (PDR).

I have begun to use this acronym as a mantra; saying it and pushing focus upon it whenever I have gone astray. Or gone too far in a direction I falsely believed to be forward. Where I have been distracted from my original purpose into a tangential process of nowhere-getting.

And it truly does help. It isn’t magic of course, but drawing that awareness to the reality of wasting time, energy, and sanity is the first step to regaining it.

Pennies From Heaven

I love rain. It is soft, pure, rich, and reassuring. It gives one standing beneath it a feeling of calmness and harmony with the world. It offers an opportunity to cleanse ourselves and begin anew. It is a promise of things to come.

Rain brings with it the power to nurture all life. Water, the basic element that makes up the bulk of our being, which is yet so fragile it needs to be consumed again and again and again.

We require it and are thus given it. Whether physically or spiritually, we are provided the opportunity to quench our thirst… We have but to accept it and drink.

So when the rain falls, I don’t shrink with fear of cold, dankness, or despair. I embrace every drop that hits my face as a reminder of the vast comfort and infinite promise our universe contains.

I Talked To Someone!

I have always been shy and introverted: uncomfortable in or dreading most social situations, wishing to just be left to my own devices. This is not ubiquitously the case, thankfully, for instance around good friends and family, where I am able to open up and relax. But it is a huge issue I have been trying to address my whole life.

More and more I have been realizing there is something deeper going on than simple shyness. Something more sinister and difficult to approach; hence the years of limited success. Something connected to my intense anxiety and ability to “overthink”…

But before I attempt to delve into diagnosing or naming such an issue, I want to first share a success story that shows I have managed to already make some progress despite the hand I’ve been dealt.

A Story

I left the house. Now, I didn’t want to, and had almost talked myself out of leaving the couch… But I made myself. I put on clothes and socks and shoes, opened the door and left.

I decided to just walk. Maybe to WinCo and get some chicken for dinner – that’d be nice. And I’ve been meaning to go to the bike shop to check out their inventory and ask about their specials…

But I’m feeling very anxious and anti-social, so I decide to just walk on by it, telling myself I’ll come back some other time (as I so often say and never do).

However, as I’m about to just keep walking, I see two people walk in ahead of me. An older couple, who don’t strike me as the biking kind, probably looking around for something for their children.

I figure they will keep the owner busy, allowing me to be subtle, to just look around, without a need to be social. So I go on in and have a look around.

However, the couple leaves almost immediately, muttering about high prices under their breath… I feel bad for the owner, who is just trying to make a living; plus the prices aren’t actually too bad… So I rally up the courage and actually talk to the man.

We end up talking for a good twenty or thirty minutes about an assortment of different things. The weather (a classic), what kind of bike(s) I own, how I used to ride so often yet now do so so sparingly, him telling a similar story from his youth when he was right of of college, bike trails in the area, etc.

Soon I’m asking the questions I’ve been meaning to ask without even thinking. “How much would it be for a full overhaul?” “How much for just a new rear rim?” “Would it be possible to run the winter tires I have on that one?”

Before I know it I have more answers
than I thought I had questions. I’m shaking the man’s (who I know know as Rick) hand and head for the door with a friendly farewell. Once outside I feel amazing, completely rejuvenated and quite possibly the person who I’ve been wondering for so long if I was even capable being.

Life Happens… Deal With It

No matter how you may try to prepare for what life may throw at you, it is never enough. There is no way to see everything coming, or to solve every problem before it occurs. You must accept that and get on with living.

You cannot fix everything at once — it takes time. You must build consistent habits that will bring you forth from the darkness. For the only light is that which you create for yourself.

You must act on your plans. Work the actions within a plan. Always be moving forward, even when every part of you is scared shitless of doing so.

Stop thinking so hard. Stop wallowing in the mistakes of the past. Stop manufacturing a future that does not (and will not) exist. Instead, start taking action. Take chances. Push beyond what is comfortable. Dare to act as you wish you would.

Start living. TODAY.