Energize Your Approach

A lot of problems that people experience in life aren’t really as complex as they might think. Because it isn’t usually the complicated answer (a disease or devious plot) that is at the root of those issues.

It is often a simple lack of energy

Whether we can’t think of that next sentence we need to write or feel so lazy that we can’t get out of bed, energy is what makes us go

Another way to look at this necessary, and often lacking, component is as fuel.  Fuel to power the complex machinery that is our bodies and minds.

And just like cars and computers, we need this fuel to function. If we don’t get enough of it then we are left operating at a suboptimal level – if still at all.

This fuel can take many shapes; from the tangible nutritious food and drink to the more abstract motivational quote. It also can vary depending upon the nature of its purpose – i.e., what need, physical or mental, it is fulfilling. 

Regardless of origin or practice, in order to act and succeed (and to just get through the day) we must be constantly replenishing this fuel, reaching deep for new and more comprehensive ways to fill our tanks so we can just get on with living. 

Humble Beginnings

Life is a series of beginnings. A sequence of habitual actions toward an end. An endless trail of small steps, all leading to a future over which we wish to have some control.

As such, it is easy to get hung up on endings. On that end result. On the succeeding. On the feeling of power and control we feel can only be gained from some extravagant ploy for success and closure.

But no matter how many breakthroughs or epiphanies we may have, we aren’t going to be magically happier or more successful overnight. It takes time to affect any kind of change.

Time and patience.

Two things quite easily taken for granted. Things people greatly overestimate their control over. Especially when those final results are all that seem to matter.

But no matter how attractive the end product may be, the real change comes from the consistent drive to just keep going.

The resolve to continue resolving.

The fortitude to wait.

Why I Wear a Green Lantern Ring

A Green Lantern’s ring allows them to construct anything they desire it to – so long as they have the confidence and drive to do so. It is their proven ideals and virtues that compel me and allow these heroes to control one of the most powerful forces in the universe:


A Green Lantern’s courage and commitment to take action and affect change, their willingness to make sacrifices for the good of others, their strength of character to reject all ills, are perhaps the most admirable of traits one can imagine. That raw power and discipline to confidently accomplish anything they wish, even in the face of impossible odds…

Or fear.

Fear is the archenemy of a Green Lantern, embodied by villain Sinestro and his Yellow Lantern corps. Fear is the one thing that can get under a GL’s skin; sew the seeds of doubt, undermine their confidence and conviction, and leave them vulnerable and powerless to act.

In the same way I encounter fear as the ultimate villain in my life. Whether in the form of physical fear, emotional self-doubt, or crippling anxiety, I know the full power that fear can infect us with in our daily lives.

However, as with a true Green Lantern, I am discovering that I am capable of harnessing that fear, redirecting it into a greater self-confidence and strength of will both to fight back and to successfully soar even higher.

So, in the words of Mike Vardy, a real-life hero who also wears a ring:

As we celebrate a day where the colour green is pretty much everywhere, use that to steel yourself against fear. Every bit of green you see today should stand as a reminder of where you want to go – without fear.

Each of us has the power to be a superhero – if we can only show the will to act and the courage to follow through in the face of our fears.

Point of Diminishing Returns (PDR)

There is a point at which you must stop in your tracks. Where you must take stock of the situation you are in. To review your goals and just how things are progressing (or not) towards them. In reality these points are actually a habitual stream of points, but any journey begins with focusing on that first step…

A Point of Diminishing Returns (PDR).

I have begun to use this acronym as a mantra; saying it and pushing focus upon it whenever I have gone astray. Or gone too far in a direction I falsely believed to be forward. Where I have been distracted from my original purpose into a tangential process of nowhere-getting.

And it truly does help. It isn’t magic of course, but drawing that awareness to the reality of wasting time, energy, and sanity is the first step to regaining it.

Pennies From Heaven

I love rain. It is soft, pure, rich, and reassuring. It gives one standing beneath it a feeling of calmness and harmony with the world. It offers an opportunity to cleanse ourselves and begin anew. It is a promise of things to come.

Rain brings with it the power to nurture all life. Water, the basic element that makes up the bulk of our being, which is yet so fragile it needs to be consumed again and again and again.

We require it and are thus given it. Whether physically or spiritually, we are provided the opportunity to quench our thirst… We have but to accept it and drink.

So when the rain falls, I don’t shrink with fear of cold, dankness, or despair. I embrace every drop that hits my face as a reminder of the vast comfort and infinite promise our universe contains.